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  • Transfer matrix and four-pole parameter solution methods

  • Computer performance indicators such as sound transmission loss, absorption coefficient, equivalent bulk properties and surface impedance.

  • Norml and random incidence

  • Correction for finite sample size

  • Rigid and non-rigid termination condition for absorption calculation

Trim is an analytical tool that computes the acoustic characteristics of multi-layered, planar materials consisting of structural, elastic-porous and fluid layers. This module can be utilized for rapid acoustic characterization since no modeling is required. Analysis features include:

  • Performance Analysis - Computes acoustic characteristics of multi-layered planar panels. Handles both bonded and unbonded interfaces exactly.

  • Inverse characterization - Estimates macroscopic material properties of various materials from measured sound transmission loss and/or absorption coefficient data.

  • Sensitivity & Optimization - Computes acoustic performance sensitivities that can be used to optimize acoustical performance

  • Capable of modeling variety of noise control materials (elastic foam, rigid foam, limp foam, fiber, perforated panel, elastic panel, resistive screen, impervious screen, airgaps)