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  • Source Identification (Nearfield Acoustical Holograph - NAH) based on 'Inverse' Boundary Element and Enhanced Surface Potential (ESP) Methods

  • Handles both planar and complex three-dimensional source surfaces

  • Identification of sources in free field and in the presence of reflecting surfaces

  • Coherent, incoherent and partially coherent source identification

  • Mechanical and aeroacoustic source identification

  • Exterior and interior problems with reflecting surfaces

  • Stationary and non-stationary media

  • Extensive regularization options (Damped SVD, Tikhonov: Morozov discrepancy principle, generalized cross validation, L-curve)

SoRT is an integrated experimental/numerical technique for noise source identification in complex systems based on generalized Nearfield Acoustical Holography. SoRT allows noise source identification on planar and complex three-dimensional sources based on measurements taken in the neighborhood of noise sources. This tool can identify not only coherent noise sources but also multiple incoherent and partially coherent noise sources. The sources can be identified in free-field as well as in the presence of reflecting surfaces. The development of this module was partially funded by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).