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  • Frequency response analysis

  • Finite and Boundary Element Methods

  • Interior noise prediction

  • Transmission loss prediction

  • Extensive strucural and noise control material element library

  • Automated generation of junctions at geometric and material discontinuity

  • Hybrid local excitation modeling

  • Ability to input user defined elements

EnFlow is a high frequency vibroacoustic analysis software based on Energy Finite Element Method (EFEM) and Energy Boundary Element Method (EBEM). An alternative method to Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA), EFEM is based on deriving governing differential equations in terms of energy density variables and then employing a finite element approach for numerically solving them. In EFEM, both the structural and acoustic domains are modeled using finite elements and at the interface of geometric and material discontinuities, joint elements based on power flow continuity across the junction is utilized. This method is very attractive since the same FEM mesh that is typically used for low frequency analysis can be utilized for high frequency soltuions although EFEM does not require the use of fine FEM meshes that are required in low frequency analysis. The development of EnFlow was partially funded by the NASA Langley Research Center.