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  • Frequency response and noise control optimization analyses

  • Template based modeling

  • Incorporated simplified air-borne model

  • Super-system based solver technology

  • GUI based geometry mographing

  • Available templates: 2Dr Sedan, 4Dr Sedan and SUV

Beta version is currently available

CAPE is a graphical user interface application that guides and expedites the process of acoustic performance evaluation and optimization of noise control treatments in passenger vehicles. CAPE is used to predict sound pressure levels in the passenger compartment for various noise control treatment (NCT) configurations. The user can quickly and easily predict the effects of NCT changes such as changes to NCT material properties, thickness of NCT layers and order of NCT layers. CAPE allows the user to start with an existing template from a library that incorporates best practices and expertise. The user is then guided through the process of modifying the template model such that it represents a specific design candidate.