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CTC develops simulation tools that are capable of evaluating and improving the acoustical performance of critical systems and components.

The flagship acoustic product of CTC is Comet Acoustics. It is being used worlwide since 1993 in many industries.

Comet Acoustics is a comprehensive tool for the resolution of noise and vibration problems spanning a wide frequency spectrum.

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Typical Applications

Automotive and Heavy Equipment Industries

  • Full frequency spectrum interior noise analysis and optimization
  • Evaluation of shell radiation of components such as engine blocks, engine covers, intake manifolds, mufflers and powertrains
  • Evaluation of the acoustical performance of ducted systems such as mufflers
  • Evaluation of transmission and absorption characteristics of sound packages such as headliners, seats, carpets, trim lining, dash insulation and panel damping
  • Prediction of vehicle pass-by noise
  • Identification of noise sources inside vehicles as well as on components such as powertrain, engine and tire

Aerospace Industry

  • Prediction and optimization of aircraft interior noise
  • Evaluation of the acoustical performance of multi-layer sound treatment constructions
  • Simulation of riverberant field
  • Determination of structural response of payloads during launch
  • Noise source (panel) vibration identification inside aircrafts

Consumer Product Industry

  • Prediction and refinement of acoustical performance of audio components such as loud speakers
  • Investigation of the acoustical performance of hard drives in computer industry
  • Identification of noise sources and prediction of the acoustical characteristics of compressors, motors, vacuum cleaners and washing machines